DISCLAIMER: Portions of this internet game include elements from "Spin-Off", a Nicholson-Muir Production.   No challenge to the current and past ownership is implied.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PLAYERS: As with other net game shows, you are not playing for real money and/or prizes. This is for entertainment purposes only.

OBJECT: Accumulate the higher score in a series of spin-offs played out over two rounds.

A formal rules sheet will be released.  Meantime, here's the least you need to know.  The net game version will be modeled after the show that aired in the mid-1970s -- but with these differences...

  • On the spinners will be depictions of an ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine replacing the numbers 1-6.
  • Spinners and the aforementioned symbols, collectively, will resemble modern-day video slot machines -- but with just two paylines.  The top horizontal line will be for the champion; the bottom line will be for the challenger.
  • Before the game starts, the host will ask two opposing players for as many as twenty buzz codes from 1-100 for the toss-up questions prepared for the game.
  • When the host posts a toss-up question, he will post the players' buzz codes as well as a secret number provided by  Player closer to the secret number gets to respond; in case of a tie, the player who PMed sooner takes the tie-break edge.  A correct answer means the player spins; a wrong answer means the opponent automatically spins.
  • The player's buzz code will also affect the result of the spin.  After the question is answered, the host will program to generate 100 sets of numbers with five numbers in each set.  The numbers will range from 9 to 14 inclusive with the possibility of repeats (an 11 will represent a jack, a 12 queen, 13 king and 14 ace) and form the player's spin.  On a second or third spin, fewer numbers per set will generate based upon which symbols the player wishes to keep and "spin off".
  • Should both players end up with the same combinations (five jacks on each row, for example), a tie-breaker question is asked and plays as if it were a regular toss-up.  However, a correct answer is required to score money.  This means if the player who "buzzes in first" answers incorrectly and the opposition offers another wrong answer, a new toss-up question is played.
  • Dollar values from the original series will increase tenfold (a winning combination of five of a kind will be worth $2000, a winning pair awards $500).
  • When time is called after the first round of play, the stakes double for the second round (a winning combination of five of a kind will be worth $4000, a winning pair awards $1000).
  • When time is called after the second round of play, the game ends.
  • The winning player is declared champion and plays a brief bonus game worth instant cash, an advantage in the Super Spin-Off. or a combination thereof.
...the Super Spin-Off will play relatively close to the original series' bonus game -- but with these differences...
  • Again, dollar values from the mid-1970s show are multiplied by ten -- meaning a pair pays $2500.  A consecutive straight pays $100,000.
  • The champion still spins the spinners one at a time.  Before each spin, six numbers ranging from 9 through 14 do not repeat and are assigned by to the numbers 1 through 6.  To spin, the player calls out a number from 1 through 6 inclusive.  If the called number results in a 14, an ace appears on the board; a result of 13 generates a king, 12 queen, 11 jack. 
  • Regardless of whether or not the champion wishes to keep the symbol, assigns 9-14 to the numbers 1-6 ahead of the next spin.
  • Once the player keeps the symbol or has exhausted three spins on that spinner, the spinner freezes and the symbol displayed stays frozen on the board until the end of the Super Spin-Off.
...a champion retires after playing five Super Spin-offs or has reached or exceeded $250,000 in winnings by the end of a particular Super Spin-Off.  Once the champ reaches $250,000 or more, the total quadruples for no less than $1,000,000.

Again, a formal rules sheet will be released at a later point in time.  For questions, please message the host at dougmorrisontheair at Net Game Central.